Introducing Lil Sports! Lil Sports is a well planned and coordinated program of sports, exercise, and health designed specifically for today's young people. Lil Sports classes help students develop their large motor skills and coordination, while improving their posture and creating and early desire to become physically fit.

Lil Sports also provides a fun outlet for energetic young people. Lil Sports classes are held once a week. Our weekly session fee includes gym and health classes, activity sheets, and progress reports.
Gross Motor Skills
Class Goal and Definition: Results from the development of large muscles, to produce efficient total body movement.

Class Examples: Our classes consist of hurdles, parachute, potato sack races, soccer, and beach balls, to produce efficient total body movement.
Hand/eye Coordination
Class Goal and Definition: The ability to use one’s hands and eyes together to accomplish a task.

Class Examples : We use paddle ball, punch balls, basketballs and footballs to encourage the “eyes” and “hands” to “work together”.
Body Balance
Class Goal and Definition: Balance is learned from imbalance. These classes develop recovery from imbalance.

Class Examples : The use of the balance beam, stumper stilts and “the iceberg game” develop recovery from imbalance.
Listening Skills
Class Goal and Definition: The ability to listen effectively and follow directions.

Class Examples : Our “Trip to outer space”, relay drills, healthy breaks and Dyna-band stretching build listening skills.
Conditioning Exercises
Class Goal and Definition: Exercises that increase heart rate and blood flow. Variations of different conditioning building exercises will be performed during the school year.

Class Examples : Variations of stretching and different exercises will be performed for overall conditioning.
Skill Assessment
Class Goal and Definition: Along with spot evaluations during the year we will conduct an assessment process in order to prepare our progress reports.

Class Examples : Lil Sports will evaluate your child’s progress in many of the areas listed above, such as listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.
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